It’s done…


Notes for screening version:

  • While I find the sound pretty good, I would still like to make it the best as I readjust to Pro Tools with effects and finer balancing.
  • I got a friend to clean up backgrounds for me, but one of them was missing so… Placeholder until the missing BG is found.
  • Would like to ask for crit on credits? They seem really basic to me, so I’m open to comments (but I’m sure everyone’s sleeping soundly after handing in)
  • Very minor, but I had some alignment issues with some frames so they might be jumpy in the latter half. Hope to fix that in time for the screening (when is that anyways?)

Self Evaluation, end of term

A revised syllabus and evaluation criteria descriptions were supplied to you recently, with the contents hopefully expressing the recognition of our very unusual situation. As your faculty person in this course, and as an Emily Carr student, I deeply recognize and sympathize with what a challenging situation you’ve all been put into.

Everyone deserves to be recognized for the valiant efforts that were put forward, and that no-one has been (and is) untouched by difficulties. Everyone has a unique situation, and our group was dealing with problems related to equipment and software, social group loss, physical illness, mental health strain, family issues, job, finances, housing, relocation, international return, and more.

Thank you for the suggestions, questions, comments, and recommendations in the “evaluation criteria poll” responses. The primary goal of this is to provide you with an opportunity to add the perspective of your own experience to the instructor’s evaluation process. I did my best to gather some questions that could help provide context to your personal experience based on your feedback and my ideas combined.

You are not being required to do this self-evaluation, it is completely voluntary.

You are welcome to answer some questions and not others.

You are welcome to write your own thoughts without answering any of these questions at all.

I encourage you to be brief so this doesn’t take much of your time.

If you choose to participate, please use this document.

Please deliver your responses to our Course Dropbox Delivery by Friday, April 17, 6 pm.

Thank you,

Last Class Info: Please Read

Student evaluation criteria poll  https://forms.gle/fBm8mxj1Q5N3nvnH8. Would you please offer your feedback for course guidance on how end-of-term evaluations can be conducted.

An updated version of our course syllabus with evaluation goals can be viewed and downloaded here http://blogs.eciad.ca/2DAN-310-S001-2020/course-info/

A PDF pf the final file delivery information is in Assignments  http://blogs.eciad.ca/2DAN-310-S001-2020/delivery/