Community Screening Dates

The End of the Semester Screenings shares the creative work that other students in media are doing and exploring. These dates are what we’re putting in place for this semester’s screenings:

  • Tues., April 12, 7p: 2nd Year Animation, rm 245 NB
  • Wedn., April 13, 7p: 3rd Year Animation, rm 245 NB
  • Thurs., April 14, 7p: Spring Media Show, rm 301 SB (FVIM, ANIM, ISMA and VMP)

The 3rd Year Projects are to be screened in two of these program situations:

  • April 13 3rd Year Animation
  • April 14th Spring Media Show

Please clear your schedule so you can attend these two events. It’s so important to experience your creative work publicly screened in front of an audience. Also, you’ll be seeing other work that will give you insights on how well ideas and efforts are expressed in short form animation. You might even arrive at some thoughts on what Emily Carr 3rd Year animation students do well, and where they still need to build their skills.

MEDIA: Media files will need to be formatted to H264, 1920 x 1080 settings, as described in the earlier post.

Last Class, Screenings Info

The last day of the course is this Wednesday, March 30th. Everyone is expected to present their finished 3rd Year Project.

Titles are expected to be included.

Everyone will need credits, but you can add these in later if you’re not prepared quite yet. Take a look at our COURSE BLOG (Tech > Credits) or the program’s  Animation Wiki for info on using film credits. You’ll also see Emily Carr graphics info and download files.

Please OUTPUT your media file at these settings:

  • 1920 x 1080, 24 fps
  • compression: H264, best quality, keyframes=10
  • audio:, stereo, 48 kHz, 24-bit or higher (if your audio files are not larger than 24, keep it at 24-bit)

When designing your sound, audio levels must be mixed to the following guidelines. These are program standards, and can be found on our program’s Animation Wiki.

  • average levels around -20 dbfs
  • peaks no higher than -6 dbfs
  • dialogue normal levels around -20 to -27 dbfs
  • dialogue peaks no higher than -10 dbfs

Week 10, 03.16 Activities

We’re on the last stretch, coming up on the 3-2-1 countdown. Here’s the scheduled set of events for these last 3 weeks.

ANIM 321 Sched 3 weeksWeek 10 & 11 allows for getting feedback on 4th Year Proposal ideas and presentation materials. Take advantage of this, at least in week 11 during small group meetings. These small groups will be assigned, and will consist of 4-5 people each. This will be the primary chance to show 4th year materials before the end of the semester.

The Art of the Title

Titles and Credits can be SOOO cool! or dull, or GREAT… or plain. What will you do with yours!? No plain white text on black for you! It’s CREATIVE TIME!!

Check out this cool site, The Art of the Title. It has plenty of interesting titles that have been done for features and TV, all involving animation in some way.

The titles for ParaNorman use old horror film posters and cheesy pulp fiction book covers to influence their retro graphic style. The description of their process is quite impressive (read it and watch it!)


How about this whole interview with the creators of the titles for the film Juno. They explain and show how they did the tests and animation style, which is all terrifically handmade.  😀  They even made their own font face for the work. This title sequence influenced lots of people with it’s fresh and fun approach.