Steadfast, © Jay Castro 2014
Steadfast, © Jay Castro 2014
Still from "Wind & Tree", 2013 Kunal Sen
Still from “Wind & Tree”, 2013 Kunal Sen







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Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design is located in Vancouver, BC, which is has become the dynamic matrix of art, culture, design, nature and media industry. It’s being called “Hollywood North” because of the number of studios that have relocated their production houses to our city.

Our program is an open and flexible program that embraces diverse animation media. Students develop as creative animation designers who think critically about their work. Courses encompass 2D, 3D and interactive animation, integrating everything from direct to digital approaches. Forms of narrative are explored through media studies, writing and creative making practices. Our objective is to help individuals develop their abilities for a broad range of creative and technical skills as well as professional opportunities. Upon the completion of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Animation, students will have created a major project that reflects their personal vision, subject matter, skill sets and aesthetic approach.

Areas of specialization within the program include direct animation methods such as drawing and under-camera work (cut-outs, mixed-media,) experimental animation, stop-motion, motion graphics, 2D and 3D computer graphics and visual effects.

The Animation facilities include computer workstations that house a suite of 2D and 3D software, line testing and under-camera stations, a puppet studio, 16mm animation stands (also retro-fitted to function digitally,) full-service video studio, and sound recording and editing suites, providing fluid exchange of digital formats and creative possibilities.