Working from home? Check out these software recc’s!

FREE or LOW-COST SOFTWARE recommended by ECU Animation students
Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to log-in online and access it anywhere. If you haven’t established an account, it contains strong 2D animation (Animator, Photoshop), effects and compositing (After Effects), sound editing (Audition) and editing (Premiere).

Maya, free for enrolled students

Toon Boom Harmony, low monthly cost for students

TVPaint trial version and TVPaint student license (pro and basic) (this is a license that is for a lifetime, and you automatically get upgrades without additional costs)

Gimp, free. PC/Mac/Linux, OpenSource. Desktop only.

PaintTool SAI, free for 31 days. the full is $72 Canadian. PC desktop only.

Procreate, $10 USD Mac iOS iPad, iPhone. Has simple animation capability, making it great for setting up storyboards, and testing roughs / key animation.

Storyboarder, free. Simple panel sketching and timeline editor. Cross-talks with Photoshop.

Harmony, trial is free. Monthly subscription ranges $8 – 23/mo for students. Harmony Storyboard, $12/mo

Krita, free. Three programs: animation, illustration, image manipulation.

Paint Clip Pro, $50 USD (free trial). Drawing and animation. Desktop, PC and Mac.

FireAlpaca, free. Drawing, basic animation.

MediBang Paint. Free. Drawing, basic animation.

illustration by Peter Coish, Emily Carr 2020 grad