Welcome to the Online Resource for Critical Studies Faculty

The Faculty of Culture + Community is excited to launch the Critical Studies Teaching Handbook as a dynamic resource to support your teaching of Critical Studies courses at Emily Carr.

Critical Studies curriculum at our university of art and design sits side by side with studio courses across all majors and in all undergraduate degrees.  Whether a Critical Studies course is a requirement or an elective, it plays a significant role in contextualizing the conditions of creative practices and considering cultures of critical making with our students from Foundation to graduation.

Through reading, writing, and discussion as primary learning activities, Critical Studies courses offer art, design, and media students access to a mode of understanding that comes with an awareness of the cultural and theoretical underpinnings, as well as a sensitivity to the social and political implications, of aesthetic decisions and creative technologies.  The key vocabulary, discourses, and academic skills—including independent and collaborative thinking and research—gained and honed through Critical Studies curriculum equip our students with a critical edge in their creative endeavours at Emily Carr and beyond.

This site includes a selection of materials from various departments at the university, resources drawn from the collective wisdom in the field of teaching and learning, and the generous input of Critical Studies faculty.  We hope that this resource will answer many of your initial questions about teaching in this area and pave the way for many a fruitful pedagogical exchange amongst fellow teachers and learners!

With your feedback and input, we hope the Handbook will continue to grow alongside the pedagogical inquiries and the curricular innovations in our Faculty.


Emily Carr University