Absent drawings

The ink on rice paper drawings in my Thy Creature installation were glued directly onto the gallery walls to produce the Seymour Gallery installation.

When it came time to take the work down, my helpers and I used wet cloths to saturate the drawings to loosen the glue. Then we carefully peeled the drawings off the wall and let them dry on plastic sheets. We noticed that traces of some of the ink and rice paper remained on the walls when the drawings were removed.

I’m intrigued by the implied absence these traces suggest. I intend to include a number of these absent drawings the next time I install this work.

Thy Creature traces

The perils of documentation

Much of the work I produce as an artist is difficult to document. The work has too much contrast, like this recent installation at the Seymour Art Gallery:

Thy Creature SAG - 59

Thy Creature, 2015

or very low contrast, like this work at the Burnaby Art Gallery:

SM doc

The Gaze of History (detail), 2012

I’m missing documentation for a few of my installations, because the photos turned out so badly.

Perhaps this is a covert form of passive aggression towards my art practice. I offer the work within exhibitions, but make it difficult to view within documentation.

People have found it disturbing when they realize my work gets painted over (i.e. destroyed) following an installation. I find this possibility emancipatory. The images I produce are propositions, rather than declarations. I want to create representations that remain provisional by their very nature.

Walking bears

I’m reading The Posthuman by cultural theorist Rosi Braidotti, after being deeply moved by a talk she gave at UBC a few weeks ago. Braidotti exhorts us to move beyond our traditional humanist limitations and embrace the possibilities that arise if we imagine ourselves as becoming-other-than human.

Thy Creature installation

I just completed an installation of my Thy Creature project as part of a group exhibition at the Seymour Art Gallery in Deep Cove (North Vancouver) that opens this Sunday (Feb 15).

Thy Creature, 2015

Thy Creature, 2015

The 50+ ink drawings of faces were made with brush and ink on rice paper. The individual drawings have been glued directly to the gallery walls.