Artmaking + intersubjectivity

The development of my practice depends on my interaction with others. My work reflects my desire to make sense of what I experience.

Opening your studio to another person is a circumstance fraught with difficulty. The studio is a place where one’s work is coming-into-being—it may not yet be sturdy enough to withstand another person’s scrutiny. A casual remark or observation may interrupt a tenuous proposition, upset a delicate balance.

But then again, a visitor may help you see your work as something real, something capable of creating meaning—deserving of attention.

In her essay, “A Desire of One’s Own: Psychoanalytic Feminism and Intersubjective Space” Jessica Benjamin describes intersubjectivity as a mode that, “assumes the possibility of a context with others in which desire is constituted for the self. It thus assumes the paradox that in being with the other, I may experience the most profound sense of self.”

Working drawings for Eight installation, part of the SLOW: Relations and Practices exhibition (2010)

One thought on “Artmaking + intersubjectivity

  1. Erin

    what a wonderful quote…
    though I was tempted to finish the sentence by adding ‘doubt’!

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