Artist-Mother/Parent Resources (to 2015)

Image from Dyad Series (#1), 2000 Powdered graphite on paper, 38.5” x 50.75”

Image from Dyad Series (#1), 2000
Powdered graphite on paper, 38.5” x 50.75”

There are so many resources available now for artist mothers/parents, it’s hard to keep track. Here are a few notable resources/inspirations I collected until 2015:

An Artist Residency in Motherhood (Pittsburg, USA) Developed by artist Lenka Clayton it’s “A self-directed, open-source artist residency to empower and inspire artists who are also mothers.”

Artist Parent Index (Virginia, USA) Artist Sarah Irvin‘s “searchable index of artists making work about their experience with reproduction.”

Cultural ReProducers  (Chicago, USA) “Cultural ReProducers is for anyone interested in making the art world a more inclusive and interesting place by supporting arts professionals raising kids”

MotherHouse Studios (UK) “The Mother House was conceived and established by the Procreate Project CIC. The model aims to help artists who are mothers, creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs, providing an inspiring space to allow them to continue working whilst nurturing engaged parenting.”

Mothers in Arts (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) “Mothers in Arts supports women artists who are also mothers and shines a light on the mother-shaped blindspot within the art world.” Check out their excellent Resources page for listings of initiatives, grants and residencies for parent artists.

m/other voices (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) “m/other voices foundation is a non-profit organisation created for the purposes of initiating, supporting, doing, promoting, raising awareness and giving visibility to maternal thinking, -theory and -research within the arts, culture, philosophy and the society at large, as well as to increase the participation of mothers in the production of art, culture and theory.”

Mothra – Artist-Parents (Toronto, Canada) “Pushing the boundaries surrounding attitudes towards childcare, artist-parents, and the inclusion of children.”

Procreate Project (London, UK) “an arts organisation supporting the development of contemporary artists who are also mothers working across art-forms.”

Studies in the Maternal (Cambridge, UK) “Studies in the Maternal is an international, peer-reviewed, scholarly online journal. It aims to provide a forum for contemporary critical debates about motherhood, and the maternal, understood broadly as lived experience, social location, political and scientific practice, economic and ethical challenge, a theoretical question, and a structural dimension in human relations, politics and ethics.”

Here’s a bibliography of books, articles and films I developed a number of years ago in relation to artist-mothers (and other creative practitioners with children), followed by links to a number of online resources:

Baggesen, Lise Haller. Mothernism. Chicago: Green Lantern Press, 2014. “At the intersection of feminism, science fiction, and disco, Mothernism aims to locate the mother-shaped hole in contemporary art discourse.” [from the website]

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Lavender, Bee and Maia Rossini, eds. Mamaphonic: Balancing Motherhood and Other Creative Acts. New York: Soft Skull Press, 2004. “Brought to the kitchen table by Hip Mama managing director Lavender and editor Rossini, Mamaphonic collects confessions and conversations about the exhilarating, entertaining, and difficult aspects of remaining creative while raising children.” [from the publisher]

Liss, Andrea. Feminist Art and the Maternal. University of Minnesota Press, 2009.

Lusztig, Irene. The Motherhood Archives (film), 2013. “Archival montage, science fiction, and an homage to 70s feminist filmmaking are woven together to form this haunting and lyrical essay film excavating hidden histories of childbirth in the twentieth century.” [from the website] Interview with filmmaker Irene Lusztig by Maya Gonzalas from The New Inquiry (July 10, 2013): “The Birth of Motherhood.”

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Romero, Claudia Sandoval. “Motherhood in the Art World” (film). A set of interviews with artists Renate Bertlmann, Regina José Galindo, Christine Hohenbüchler, Stephanie Misa, Tanja Ostojic and Signe Rose, as well as to the curator and art historian Vanessa Joan-Müller

Tanner Boll, Pamela and Nancy Kennedy, directors. Who Does She Think She Is? (film). Mystic Artists Films Productions, 2008. “Society has long pressured women into an either/or situation: Either you raise a family, or you pursue a career. This documentary features five women who do not accept such a division but instead strive to balance their artistic pursuits with raising children. Rather than being detrimental, the challenges of each pursuit reinforce and enrich those of the other.” [from the film website]

Trunk, Mary, director. Lost in Living (film). Ma and Pa Films, 2012. “Filmed over seven years, Lost In Living, confronts the contradictions inherent in personal ambition and self-sacrifice, female friendship and mental isolation, big projects and dirty dishes. The complex realities of family life unfold in this documentary film about the messy intersection of motherhood and artistic expression.” [from the film website]

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Urist, Jacoba. “Why can’t great artists be mothers?New York Times. May 21, 2015. Web. June 20, 2016.

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