Taking Care (1984)







An interest in maternity first manifest itself explicitly within a piece I produced years before I had children. Taking Care was a large-scale work produced for a group show in 1984.[1]

Within this piece, which followed the birth my best friend’s son, I questioned the possibility of a woman having a life beyond her role as a mother. I drew a vast but helpless baby that loomed over images of a woman and man struggling with issues of parental responsibility. Off to one side a woman with the camera stood for me, the artist, an interested onlooker on the drama of maternity. Even then, I felt it was crucial for mothers to create spaces for themselves outside of their domestic environment. In retrospect, I realize I was also trying to make a space for myself in my friend’s dramatically altered life.

[1] Dessin-Installation-Drawing-Installation, curated by Diana Nemiroff at the Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montréal, Quebec.


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