UnBecoming: An Annotated Exhibition (2016)

This exhibition, which took place at the Seymour Art Gallery (North Vancouver, BC) from Sept 14 – Oct 22, 2016,  presented a series of large-scale, drawing-based digital prints investigating the problematics of self-portraiture. These images represent me and not-me—a process of becoming and unbecoming.

The exhibition included two additional installations that annotated the creative process behind  the development of this work. The first, a collection of sketches, experiments, and fragments from past projects was presented as a “genealogy” of the new work. The second, a large mind map, rendered directly on the gallery wall, reflected my ruminations on this project.

Since studio visits with artist colleagues, from a variety of backgrounds, are crucial to my process, the exhibition included three public conversations. In the first, “How it Begins,” I discussed the history and thinking behind my work during an exhibition tour. The second, “How it Develops,” acknowledged the significant role that other artists play in my creative practice, with a discussion with my long-time friend and colleague, Jin-me Yoon. The third, “How it is Shared,” was a discussion on the value of public engagement with another long-time friend and colleague, artist/arts programmer Cyndy Chwelos.