Persistent Resistance (2008)

PERSISTENT RESISTANCE: Early Feminist Video in Vancouver
November 7 + 8, 2008
Curated by Jen Fisher, Elizabeth MacKenzie and Marina Roy
VIVO Media Arts Centre, 1965 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C.

This two evening event celebrated early feminist video practice by artists working in Vancouver in the 70s and 80s from Video Out‘s archives. It included Sara Diamond’s germinal work with memory and documentary-based narrative, Elizabeth Vander Zaag’s playful exploration with technology, a program of experimental, performative and documentary-based shorts as well as video by individuals and collectives mobilized for change.

A related exhibition of archival material from the 70s to the early 90s, Persistence: An Archive of Feminist Visual Art Practices in Vancouver, took place at Artspeak Gallery (233 Carrall St., Vancouver) from November 8, 2008 until January 13, 2009 and was organized by Artspeak with Crista Dahl, Jennifer Fisher, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Marina Roy and Jessie Caryl.

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