week 11 response

Last week I have posted my final version of the painting box, and this week I transformed that into a digital painting. It was lot harder than  expected since electronic is lot trickier to work on compare to the real paint. However variation of colour selection is advantage of working digitally.

Focusing on the shadow and light were interesting to look at to understand how colour changes depending on the amount of the light.

Week 9-10 responses

For week 9-10 we were assigned to finish out box with colored objects paintings. One shown at the top is painted colored with digital and the bottom is black & white with acrylic paint with palette knife. What I enjoyed in this project was the black&white painting with palette knife. I love how it turned out. It is not clean or detailed like the colored painting with digital yet has that special strength with the messiness. I have never tried painting with palette knives but sure did find it lovable. It has different style than paint brushes. I liked how they are rough and how they can give thick textures.
Although I enjoyed the black&white painting, I did enjoyed the final look of the color painting with digital. I felt like these two had two different strengths. With digital, I was able to contain details and could do color studies. Especially, finding colors for the shadowed objects were really fun and interesting.
For these two last assignments I have already finished few weeks ago. Yet I could not post it on the blog due to my personal situations. These couple of weeks were really stressful and tiring for me. But I was able to have time to complete this with time which I was really thankful for. I believe by us having time to figure out the situation has helped us a lot. I hope that everyone is doing okay and stay strong. 🙂

week 10 – inspiration

This weeks colour inspiration is a Vancouver artist named Janna Watson. (@jannawww) Janna’s work is so mesmerizing to look at, and her shapes and forms seem to create movement although there is no real subjects. I also like how she uses a multitude of colours in each piece. I especially like the paintings that she makes with black backgrounds.

week 10 – reflection

This week was strange, and we began using online learning. With personal things affecting me, plus the stresses of school, and now the quarantine in effect, it was definitely a difficult time for me. I managed to take some time for myself first before deciding that I could complete this week’s assignments. 

We had to create a full colour painting of our composition box, and so I whipped out the palette knife again. This time was harder, I think. I had to be extra careful when placing the colours, as they would mix if I wasn’t cautious. With the grayscale painting, it wasn’t too concerning to me if I got a little extra paint on different parts of it. I think I managed to create some depth with the colours I chose, and I was surprised with the results. I realized that I forgot to attach my box in the last post so I added a picture here.  

I started working on some gouache illustrations to clear my mind. 

week 9 – reflection

This week we had to bring in our completed boxes. We set up lights in the classroom, and shone them upon our boxes that sat in the middle of the classroom. I noticed the shadows that showed up in my box, and I sketched it out on my paper, which I didn’t realize was NOT what a thumbnail sketch was. Oops.

I started my painting in class, but I disregarded it when I got home. I redid the entire painting, using a photo of my box that I took in class. It was difficult to paint with the palette knife, and I used a lot of paint. The challenge of having lots of round and curved objects was evident in my painting, but I enjoyed trying to bring the painting to life with different shades of grey.

Things outside of school began picking up for me, and I couldn’t get myself to do yet another assignment. This week it was painting a separate composition box using one of the colour palettes from the week before.

week 8 – inspiration

This week, I chose @terrybarberonbeauty as my colour inspiration. Terry is the Director of Artistry at MAC cosmetics in the UK. His Instagram account has gained a lot of attention due to his posts that feature his work alongside what they remind him of. Since he mainly does editorial makeup looks, I believe he also turns to material objects and things to inspire his looks. I love how the colours are well thought out, and his understanding of placement is incredible. (in my opinion)

week 8 – reflection

This week, we were instructed to bring in our boxes and the items that we wanted to put in it. I had started with my box in class, but decided to scrap that one. At home I prepared another box with some small items that I found around my room. It took me a while to realize that using a lot of curved/round objects would make painting with a palette knife much harder, but it was too late to go back. I liked seeing how distinct my items looked against the gray of the box.

For homework, we were tasked with creating 3 colour palettes for 3 important people in our lives. With those colour palettes, we had to create a painting for each person using them. The three people that I chose were my mom, dad, and brother. For my mother’s palette, I chose pastel colours. My moms favourite colour is pastel blue, and I wanted to choose colours that would go along well with it. My mom really likes flowers and nature, so the other pastel colours represented that. For my dads palette, I chose darker and earthier tones. My dad has a big reclining chair that is burgundy and forest green, hence why I chose those colours as well. My dad once told me that he liked the colour brown, and so I added it in as well. For my brother, I chose a bunch of vibrant colours. My brother enjoys wearing bright clothing and keeping up with the latest styles, and I wanted to create a colour palette that appeared trendy. My vibrance of the palette translates well into my brother’s personality. His favourite colours are also red and blue.   

For the 3 paintings, I had originally done them without paying much attention to the background. So I redid them, and this time I paid more attention to the item’s relation to its background. Once again, the attempt at adopting a painterly style is not perfect, but I think that it looks okay.

week 7 – reflection

We displayed our paintings and colour scales, and the room seemed bright with all the colours that filled the room. Mine appeared rather lacklustre within the classroom, but nonetheless, it was my contribution for that week. I especially like Dan’s painting using blue and orange.

We were instructed to create 3 paintings of the same item using warm, cool, and grey tones. I chose to do paintings of a cup. (Which I have redone) The first time around, I didn’t pay much attention to shadows or light, which made my paintings look flat and uninteresting. This time I took space and light into account. I also tried to use a more “painterly” style in order to recreate how it would look if I were to have used traditional media. Although it isn’t perfect by any means, I think that it looks much better than what I had submitted before.  

For homework, we had to complete a still life painting. Once again, I was unable to complete the assignment.