[expand title=”1.16 | Project 1: Cuts & Fades | 4″]

Due by midnight 1.15

4 points

Choose one (and only one) audiovisual video source to rework into a 1-minute piece (remix) using only cuts and fades. Edit the video and audio tracks together as one, in other words, retain the vertical relationships of your source video. You can use any software — premiere, final cut, imovie, avid, etc.

The goal of this project is two-fold:

  • get comfortable editing video and working in a non-linear editing program.
  • begin to think about the relationships between sound, image, and context. How do your decisions reframe / subvert / abstract the original source material? What is retained from the source video and what is lost?

If you are stuck, try starting a repetitive process and see where that gets you. The most exciting clips do not always make for the most exciting cut pieces. The opposite is often true, think carefully about tension and release, and the overall trajectory of the piece.

Upload the project to your video channel and send me the link using the email subject “Core Cuts”

Let me know if you have questions!


[expand title=”1.23 | Project 2: Soundscape | 4″]

Due by midnight 1.22

4 points

For this project, you will be creating a soundtrack for an image. The final output will be a video consisting of a static image and a soundscape that goes along with that image. Create a sound world that interacts with the image in some way. It could be a literal recreation of the image’s setting or it could have a more abstract relationship to the image.

You must record all of the sounds yourself, but the type of sound is entirely up to you (washing machines, vocals, footsteps, street ambience, friend playing oboe… all fine!). You must use at least 3 different sound sources. You can layer them, cut them together, process them however you like but there should be at least three sounds that you are working with.

Experiment with different kinds of sonic textures and consider how they change how we understand the image — our reading of the image. Pay attention to how you begin and end the soundscape (you can fade the image in/out if you want). Is the sound somewhat static or does it evolve? Does the sound support the image or does it act as counterpoint to the image?

Upload the project to your video channel and send me the link using the email subject “Sounds Still “

Let me know if you have questions!


[expand title=”1.30 | Project 3: Audiovisual Composition | 7″]

Due by midnight 1.29

7 points

This project is an open ended audiovisual composition 2-3 minutes in length. You are free to expand on one of the previous projects (“cuts & fades” or “soundscape”) or start something new without those constraints. If you choose to iterate or continue working on a previous project, be sure to significantly expand or alter the piece.

Upload the project to your video channel and send me the link using the email subject “Audiovision”. We will watch and discuss all of these projects in class!


  • Your project is in on time and shows basic competency in time-based editing techniques. (3 points)
  • You have considered the how sound and image work together and carefully developed a strong time-based structure. (3 points)
  • You took a risk. Really caring is risking. (1 point)

Let me know if you have questions!



[expand title=”2.06 | Project 4: Sound Object | 4″]

Due in class on February 6th.

4 points

Bring a material or object to class that will become the basis for your contact mic instrument. Take some time and think about it. What kind of instrument do you want to make? will it have strings, tines, membranes, textures? is it a complete performance system or is it meant to be performed with other instruments? If you end up changing your mind after class, that is ok! If you are interested in attaching strings, tines, or springs, I recommend a wooden base.

Also create a couple sketches for your musical instruments / sound systems. The sketches can range from doable to absurd, but should clearly depict the sculpture’s form and describe it’s basic functionality.



2.13 | Project 5: Draft | everyone gets 4 points!

2.27 | Project 6: Resonance | 7

3.06 | Project 7: Laser Test | 4

3.13 | Project 8: Light Piece | 11

3.20 | Project 9: Final Project Ideas | 5

3.27 | No Project – Work on your final iterations

4.03 | Project 10: Last Project | 15



FNDT 160 | Spring 2019