Resonance Sketches



Due in class on 2/13 – 4 points
(note: you may already have some sketches from last week)

Create sketches for musical instruments / sound systems. The sketches can range from doable to absurd, but should clearly depict the instrument’s/sculpture’s form and describe it’s basic functionality. Think about all the ways in which people interface with your resonant object. I know this type of project is new for many of you — have some fun with it and bring in questions!

Depending on complexity, I’m expecting between 2-4 sketches that show that you’ve put some time into thinking about sound and materials.

Also, bring in materials to get to work on your projects. Again, we have the woodshop for the first part of class — make use of it!

I’m happy to meet with you individually during the first half of class to talk through your ideas!

FNDT 160 | Spring 2019