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Due 3.20 in class – 8 points

Using the laser cutter, hand tools, and a simple LED circuit or lightbulb circuit, create a light, light sculpture, or installation. If you want to venture out into less supported territory, you could also make a light sculpture using 3D printing techniques.

First, decide whether you’d like to make a piece that plugs into the wall (120V)  or uses battery powered LEDs. Next, design your enclosure / light diffusion system. You could create an iterative design using the laser cutter and paper or cardboard, cut a design into wood or acrylic, or print a small enclosure on one of the 3D printers. The electronics for this project should be fairly straight-forward and the focus will be primarily on designing the look of your light piece.

Some more ideas here!



  • Project completed on time at the beginning of class on 3.20. (3 points)
  • Project demonstrates a basic understanding of digital fabrication processes and uses laser cutting or 3d printing in a creative way (3 points)
  • Project pushes beyond basic explorations of light, to produce a light sculpture or installation that is visually or critically extraordinary. (2 points)


Some helpful links / materials

Lamp Cord + Socket

  • Colorcord | very nice lamp cords with switches (pretty expensive unfortunately)
  • Amazon | ugh, avoid amazon if at all possible, but you can see the assortment of cords available in the world, some with switches

Batteries + LEDs

  • Cheap and easy! you can use watch batteries (2032) and LEDs
  • 9V batteries will work to power multiple LEDs with a few resistors in the circuit.

For Materials and Supplies, check out our resources page!

Light-based Circuit Resources

Fabrication Tutorials / Resources


Artists working with digital fabrication


FNDT 160 | Spring 2019