• Introductions
  • Syllabus & Website Review
  • A few questions:

What do we mean when we talk about “media” and “the media”? What is/n’t media? Who makes media? What is the historical interplay between media technologies and art processes? How might media be made in the future? will it be called “new” media? ¯\_()_/¯? What value systems are embedded in tools, formats, and protocols? Who does media amplify/mute? Which interfaces do we take for granted? What does a job in media art and new media look like? Can Art avoid media?



assignments for next week…

  • Create a youtube or vimeo channel to host your work for this term. Your archive does not need to be permanent and you are not required to use your real identity, but it must be publicly accessible and embedding must be enabled.
  • By Friday at midnight (1/11) Send me an email with a link to your channel, and in the same email, also send a link to a video that you find compelling and/or motivates you to experiment with media art / new media. Use the email subject “Sea Slugs”.
  • Engage with the materials for next week and post a comment at the bottom of next week’s page (a few thoughtful questions or comments). Ask about something that interests you related to the reading, comment on someone else’s comment, and/or link to media that seems relevant.
  • Complete Project 1 and send me the link by midnight on Tuesday 1/15.

FNDT 160 | Spring 2019