What is the scope of this module?

We start our course by navigating between traditional media arts, drawing on techniques and concepts from various disciplines. This first part of the course is focused on fixed media (film, video, music video, animation, etc) but the goal is not to make a piece of music or film, but to make work that we might describe as intermedia, floating between established value systems. A considerable amount of our time will be spent discussing process… do we create sound first or visuals first, or are there ways of working more fluidly between these two senses?

We’ll also consider the screen and speaker system as an instrument and explore it’s many functions — a surface, window, portal, alternate reality, character, etc.


what role does sound play in these modes/questions?

As you watch the videos below, think about how the screen is functioning, think about the role of sound, and think about the production process.

Read through this page on media art.

assignments (to be completed before class)
  • Create a youtube or vimeo channel to host your work for this term. Your archive does not need to be permanent and you are not required to use your real identity, but it must be publicly accessible and embedding must be enabled.
  • By Friday at midnight (1/11) Send me an email with a link to your channel, and in the same email, also send a link to a video that you find compelling and/or motivates you to experiment with media art / new media. Use the email subject “Sea Slugs”.
  • Engage with the materials above and post a comment below (a few thoughtful questions or reflections). Ask about something that interests you related to the reading, comment on someone else’s comment, and/or link to media that seems relevant.
  • Complete Project 1 and send me the link by midnight on Tuesday 1/15.

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FNDT 160 | Spring 2019