Final project; shorts!

Unfortunately I couldn’t go through with my original idea for the seat because I didn’t have access to a wood shop, however that project will stay tucked away for fruition at a later date. That said, I had so much fun making my shorts. The concept came to me because I loved the way the fabric of the brown jeans and the white rippled pillow case look together and I remembered I had saved the waist and pockets from the jeans after I harvested the fabric from the legs. When I first found the jeans they never fit me right but loved the burlap colour so much I bought them to be either given to someone else or mended to fit myself. I’m really happy with how they turned out and I was really challenged while creating them. I didn’t do any real measuring I just held the fabric up on myself and then started cutting and pinning from there. The crotch area was by far the hardest part, I managed to get them just right though and they fit me perfectly comfortably. During this process my living situation changed drastically as I had to pack my place into a storage unit and move back to Saskatoon because of covid. Here,  I didn’t have my own sewing machine anymore and so I borrowed my grandmas old one. It stopped working and I couldn’t  get it going again quite early on, I had only attached the waist to the top part of four white pieces that were the pants. I ended up persisting anyways and sewing the rest of the legs together by hand and that makes me super proud of myself. One day I will take this piece even further with the leftover fabric and I would love to make a top to go with the shorts because I love the look of matching two piece outfits.  

MY Inspiration artist






Here is beautiful my artist name is Gina Adams!

First of all, she is one of the best teachers ever in my first year in Emily Carr. She always treated us with a generous heart and was merciful. I always comfortable in class and never feared. She makes me comfortable, encouraged and powerful. Every class was fantastic and memorable. Honestly, I was a bit nervous that learning in out of my country and second language. But Gina and my classmates were familiar and part of the powerful circle in the class. I will never forget my visual art class.

Gina was always protectable for my class. She tried to communicate with students. I am thinking that one day I should have time to talk with Gina to say appreciate her effort and everything she did in the classroom.

Gina’s works are outstanding and attractive. I like her fabric artworks. The colors are making harmony through the words and frames. The fabric works make me think about the globe. I remember that the first of the class, Gina mentioned that she respects other languages and cultures. So, she sometimes emphasized international cultures. I love how she tried to connect with classmate’s opinions. That is why Gina’s works remind me of the international world.

Thanks, Gina for everything that you have been done. And I hope you meet again.

Stay healthy!

Thanks, Gina.


final artist of inspiration

GINA ADAMS say it loud and proud guys, because she is the one, the most inspirational artist im willing to bet that most of us have been lucky enough to meet.

i can genuinely say that since moving to Vancouver , i haven’t  been as excited to not only come to class but to be open in my art making, since i met Gina. not only does she pour her heart and soul into her work, creating things revolving around culture, ethnicity and politics, but pours her heart into her students. it isnt hard to tell that she wants to see her students succeed and grow because she creates real connections with us that we will all take with us for years to come.

this is a huge thank you on behalf of myself and the rest of the class to you Gina, you inspire us all daily.

Final artist inspo: GINA ADAMS

Its been an honor being in Gina’s class, and taking into consideration that she’s an artist, I would like to honor her in my final post.

Gina is considerate, caring and thoughtful from the very beginning to end of our course. I respect how much she is able to give good constructive criticism but also how she encouraged me and others to do better or to keep doing well in whatever we wanted to do. I love that we had artistic freedom to explore whatever we wanted in her class, which is what art is all about and it proves that she is an artist to be able to understand the importance of this freedom.

I actually learned new skills in this course, even though I didn’t expect to learn too many new skills in only 3 months. I did things i don’t normally do like collage, sculptures and sewing, and actually Didnt hate doing it.

thankyou Gina and hope to see you around the campus when I come back to school in fall semester 🙂

Final project: not chic


This collection of expensive items replicated made out of reused fabric and plastic, is meant to illustrate the fact that people are blinded by brand names and will buy anything with brand slapped onto it. As you can see, these items are quite ridiculous and not things people normally wear or would wear design wise. The only appeal that these items have is the brand, but without a brand whats their value?

I wanted to tackle these issues of materialistic desire, as I am also guilty of spending ridiculous amounts of money on one item that clearly is not worth it. I want to explore how without a logo, the value of a plastic hat or ridiculously long sleeved denim jacket  is achievable with only 20$ total. Which serves the idea of materialistic corporations ripping people off everyday.

It seems to me like a lot of expensive designer items from chanel and other brands, seems unworthy of the designer title because these items lack that depth and complexity of a fashion design item. (Especially because I literally was able to make it with old easy to find items, and I have no experience in sewing or designing clothes) It makes me feel sad that fashion designer items have lost its depth and value of design, the very core of fashion design, in a chase for more monetary gains. (But this is just my personal opinion)


Final Artist of Inspiration!

Gina Adams!!!!!

For our final inspiration artist, we decided to dedicate this last post to Gina! Gina, you have been one of the most inspirational, kind, talented, and caring professors I have had. It was a pleasure being in your class, and I appreciate the time, effort, and understanding you provided for not only me but the whole class. I will definitely miss you as a teacher and our class itself. I have never had a class such as this, the amount of talent each individual possesses in this class is incredibly impressive. I am inspired by each student within the class and I am always excited to see each person’s process and how we can all learn from each other. I hope we can all stay in touch throughout the rest of our time in Emily Carr, and provide the same support we may all need to get through our degrees. I would also like to say thank you to Vincent for always bringing positive energy into the class, and always willing to help. 

A few of my favourite pieces in Gina Adams exhibit Maajiigin wa’aw akiing miinawaa (Begin This World Again) include Honoring Modern Series ceramic and encaustic basketballs. Along with the Ancestor, Medallion Series made with porcelain, and Thank You to my Ancestors lace bead heritage series. The complex, intricate details provide a greater conceptuality to the pieces, they are immensely inspiring and beautiful. Her interdisciplinary work is unlike anything I’ve seen before. My favourite quote from Ginas regarding her collection is “an act of taking something back. Of rewriting history.”

Thank you again Gina, and to my talented fellow classmates!


I just want to start with a thanks for the amazing semester Gina, you are a mentor my inspirational artist for the week. You were an amazing teacher for both of my semesters. Your attitude towards life is something I admire and made attending class a blast.  The openness and creative liberty you gave us allowed me to try so many different mediums and conceptions.   Thanks so much.

My pants are so close to being finished I wanna say that Im happy but the machine needle snapped before I could finish the right leg. It’s ok though I will manage to get more. These were so fun to make and I learned how to sew. I’m looking forward to making more fun creative pants and tops in the near future. I always wanted a pair of pants like the ones I made:)

Final Artist Inspiration: Gina Adams :)

Gina Adams is many wonderful things. Not only is she an incredible educator and human being with a beautiful and kind soul, but she is also an extraordinary artist who I am so honoured to have been taught by.

I am very much intrigued by her Broken Treaty Quilt Series. I think it is very rare to see quilts in modern art galleries, which I find to be so cool and inspiring!! As someone who has always had a love for fibre art, it was amazing to have been taught by a fibre artist who has created a name for herself in this very modern art world. I admire her combination of conceptuality with such a traditional craft.

Since the very first day of class, Gina created a welcoming and warm environment that made her class a peaceful and safe space. This is very much inspiring to me as someone who wants to become an art educator after I graduate. I hope to take Gina’s encouraging, kind, and gentle teaching style into my own classroom someday. Again, what an honour it was to have been taught by Gina. <3 🙂

I included some of Gina’s work what particularly caught my eye!