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Foundation Forum

Jamie's performance

1st year student performance

The  Foundation Forum is a series of lectures offered to Foundation students registered in nine or more credits. Forums are scheduled on Mondays from 11:30-12:45 in room 301 and feature topics that include art, media, design and performance.  For Fall 2011 there will be approximately 12 Forums. Students are required to attend at least  six Forums. Notes taken during these lectures will be considered part of the student’s individual course evaluation for grades.

Mandatory attendance is required for Forums  covering University program information. These presentations include information on requirements for second year registration, explanations of  the various programs, and instructions on how to apply.

2009 Video Winners

Each year the Foundation Department holds a video competition, open to all Foundation students, inviting participants to make a short video to be used to promote the Foundation Show. Visit the links below to view the 2009 Foundation Show video finalists.

2009 Foundation  Show – RUNNER UP – by Rajarshi Basu

2009 Foundation Show – WINNING VIDEO – by Phoebe Chard, Maxwell Harrison + Nick Kalish

Orientation Information

The Fall 2011 Orientation consists of an assembly and a series of workshops. The assembly takes place on Thursday September 1st from 9:00 am – 11:00 am at the Arts Club Theatre, 1585 Johnston Street on Granville Island. This will be followed by a group photo and a light luncheon. On September 1st + 2nd, you will also be able to secure lockers and have your ECU photo ID made. Please bring a lock and a printout of your schedule on these days.

orientation From September 6th-9th, all first year students will be scheduled into two half-day workshops. Check the timetables posted in the Foundation hallway for details. Participation in these workshops is mandatory.