An update and forecast

This site has become a record for some of the major steps in our projects, without getting into too much detail about all the nitty gritty. It seems sensible, therefore, to post an update with broad strokes for some of our projects ahead!

The Stationery Project has just completed a large commission of course materials (a run of 270 nature journals), for Emily Carr’s 2nd year course Ecological Perspectives in Design. This sets a precedent for us in terms of our flexibility and adaptability to meeting everyday course needs, which we are very pleased about! We’re also looking forward to continuing our very popular weekly pop-up shop this spring.

The Superlab project continues to expand with the development of the Sunshine Coast Summer School, an intensive format exploring expanded approaches to studio practice in information design. Registration is upcoming and updates about the summer intensive itself can be found on the Superlab page!