This theme gathers work exploring an expanded potential for interdisciplinarity in art and design education, with a focus on the underlying features of studio practice.

Building on prior research in the area of design theory and philosophy, design for art and design curriculum, and more, this theme is focussed on proposals for new conceptions of studio-based research. The spectrum of art and design fields have a practical, embedded basis for meaning-making at its core; they are  situated practices. Here we seek to expand  understandings of and develop new conceptions around studio-based research as knowledge-generating practice.

Framework for practice-based research 

Recent work includes an exploration of theory, method, and context in the positioning of studio-based research in art and design, leading to the development of a superdisciplinary framework for understanding studio-based practice, and concurrent plans to undertake experiments in pedagogical superdisciplinarity through a summer intensive.

Post-Pandemic Studio

Projects developed within this hybrid research and studio initiative explore the expansive possibilities for studio practice within pandemic conditions and in the age of social distance, with a focus on design practice and education.

Information Design Summer Intensive 

This studio intensive (a special iteration of Information Design Projects, COMD 425) focusses on design as translation and as a form of meta-reflection on studio practice in the age of pandemic response. Working reflexively within the very conditions explored, the intensive engaged participants to develop projects responding to the social, cultural, political, and health challenges of remote studio practice.

Sunshine Coast Summer School (archive)

This studio intensive (now archived due to the current pandemic response) intends to focus on expanding practices around design as translation and place-based design. Working in and through the coastal community of Sechelt, BC, it is designed to engage participants to develop understandings of and responses to the social, cultural and ecological challenges of the area.