Late Work for the Blue Show

Hey guys! So we know it’s a really stressful and busy time of year for everyone, and a lot of people have expressed concern that they won’t be able to make the deadline this Friday. The reason why we have the deadline on that day is that the gallery needs all the information about what exactly is going to be in the show, so it’s a deadline for us too. If you can’t get your work done by Friday, March 21, you must at least submit your label and inventory information along with any submission fees. If you don’t have that information submitted by Friday, you won’t be able to be in the show. You MUST have your work physically handed in to us no later than Monday, March 24. We will be in room 279 at 4pm, and you can bring it to us there. However, there will be a late fee of $10 per piece for works handed in after Friday. We cannot accept any work handed in after Monday, March 24. We’re sorry we have to be so strict, but deadlines are something that will be encountered in 100% of illustration related endeavours in real life. We are working hard to make this show a great experience for everyone, and we need your cooperation in order for it to run smoothly.

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Important Forms for Blue Show

For Emily Carr Students and Alumni wanting to participate in the show, please download this document with the information and links to the submission forms, print forms and artist consignment agreements.

LABEL SUBMISSION FORM – fill out online

PRINT SUBMISSION FORM – fill out online

INVENTORY AND CONSIGNMENT FORM – print, fill out, and hand in to a Rain City Illustration staff member (Michele, Flavia, Pedro or Chelsea) on intake day

These forms need to be filled out by intake day (March 20/21) if you want to participate in the show. If your forms are not filled out on time, you will not be able to participate.

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Blue Show Submission Requirements

Requirements for all works submitted for The Blue Show

– works must be 2 dimensional. If your work has 3-dimensional elements, it must be able to be hung on a wall relatively easily.

– your first submission is free of charge, but any additional submissions after that will be $5 each.

– works submitted after the deadline (March 21) will be charged an extra $10 late fee.

– all fees are payable on intake day (March 20 and 21) and can be made in cash, cheque (made out to Rain City Illustration) or ILLN bucks.

– if you wish to include your business card with your submission, please do!

– we recommend mounting or framing works on flat paper, as loose sheets of paper tend to look sloppy and unprofessional on a wall. You want to put your best foot forward, as it will benefit yourself and everyone involved.

– works that are deemed irrelevant to the theme of the show may be rejected. The colour blue is a great theme that is open for many creative interpretations. That said, if you submit a work that is, for example, completely red and has no blue in it whatsoever, we may choose not to include your work in the exhibition. This decision will be up to the discretion of Rain City Illustration admins, and any rejected works will have all submission fees refunded to the artist 100%.


All artists participating in the show MUST submit labels. If you do not submit your information on our handy labelling form (which we will be posting shortly), your work will be hanging in the gallery without any credit given to you. As you can imagine, this is an undesirable situation, as nobody will have any idea who created the beautiful artwork that you worked so hard to make. We will be posting the labelling form on this website, our Twitter page, our Facebook page, and our Tumblr. Labels must be submitted by March 21. Late label submissions, or label submissions made outside of the proper format will not be accepted.

Some notes about prints

We encourage you to submit some prints to be kept at the Ayden Gallery for the duration of the show and made available for sale. There is a 50% commission on all sold works, including prints, and the standard price is usually $30.00. We will be putting prints in a portfolio case that is already at the gallery, but anything exceeding the size of 13 inches by 19 inches will have to be stored in the back, as our display has some size restrictions.

You may submit up to 5 copies of the same print, and your prints do not have to be relevant to the theme of the show. The Ayden Gallery may choose to keep some prints in their stock until they sell them, even after the show has wrapped.

When submitting prints to us, please put them all together in a manila envelope or folder with your first and last name on it. This will dramatically increase everyone’s quality of life during the exhibition setup process.

Gallery Paperwork

When you drop off your work on intake day (March 20/21) you must also drop off a filled out consignment form from the Ayden Gallery. This is the contract between you and the gallery that states that if your work is sold, you are entitled to 50% of the revenue. This is a very important legal document. We will be posting printable versions that you can fill out and hand in, and we will also have some copies at our table on intake day in case anyone forgets. Everyone who wishes to sell their work (or any prints) must fill these forms out.

Final Notes

Although we do our best to ensure that no works are lost or damaged, accidents do sometimes happen and these things are not always under our control. Although it is a rare occurrence, Rain City Illustration is not liable for any artwork or prints that are lost or damaged. If your work is especially delicate or large, we strongly encourage you to bring it to the gallery on the day we are setting up to install it yourself (of course, we will be there to help you too). Which brings me to my last point!

Volunteer Sign Up

We are anticipating a high volume of work in this show, and we will need some volunteers to help on setup day. The work you’ll be doing will be hanging artwork and placing labels. It’s fun, there will be music, sushi, and awesome people, and you get a sneak preview of all the work! If you want to volunteer, just email any of us at or let me, Michele, Flavia, Pedro or Jane know in person! Volunteers will get ILLN bucks for their time and dedication, and these are redeemable for later submission fees.


WHEW! Alright. Enough rules. We can’t wait to see everyone’s fantastic work! Thank you if you read all of this, you beautiful, responsible human beings.

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The Blue Show

Blue Show Poster-NomiChi_web

Nomi Chi

Our next show is upon us! Submission deadlines will be on March 20th and 21st, with submissions open to any Emily Carr University student or alumni. Check our Facebook page for more information about submitting your work. Let’s make this our best show yet!

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Rain City Review – Call for Submissions – October 2013

It’s that time again! We are doing a call for submissions for our October issue of the Rain City Review, the monthly publication which you may have seen in the Illustration hallways! If you have some works you are proud of, send a few of them along to us at with a short artist statement and a little about you! Deadline is September 30th at midnight! For more details visit our submissions page.


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WRAP Project Wrapping Up!

The WRAP Project is wrapping up! Submissions will close on April 22nd at midnight! So check out our WRAP 2.0 Project page for all the details and to make your submission to our Rain City dropbox!

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New Artists in ‘Our Illustrators’

The lovely miss Nicole Dunn is now listed as one of Our Illustrators! Check out her work, and that of the other Emily Carr Illustration students too!

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WRAP Project 2.0

The WRAP 2.0 Project is a fabulous opportunity for Vancouver artists, and especially for members of the Illustration department down at Emily Carr! All but three selected artworks from the original WRAP Project were the works of our students! The deadline for submissions is coming up soon, Friday April 26th, so check out the WRAP Project 2.0 page under Contests and Competitions for details!

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Rain City Review – Volume Three – April 2013

The April issue of the Rain City Review is released, and this month’s beautiful contributions come from Ciara Prithipaul, Christel Chan, Jeffery Wayne, Gabe Lung and Seth Ruthledge! Gorgeous work everyone! Read it for yourself here online, or see it hung outside NB279!

The Review was created as a place where you -future world famous illustrators!- can show off your work, be it personal pieces that you like, homework assignments you’re proud of, or anything! Any Emily Carr student who loves illustration can participate absolutely free, so check out our submission form!! The call for submissions for the Summer One 2013 edition is open until midnight of Wednesday April 30th! We can’t wait to see what you send us!!

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Submissions Packages Now Available!

Whitney peruses the submissions package and guidelines available outside NB279, where you can also find envelopes and label stickers! “I do say!” says Whitney, “I think I shall become involved in the Rain City Illustration Art Sale! I’ll grab one of these submission packages and some label stickers!” Pick up you submission package today!

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