21st Century Bunny

With his all-encompassing peripheral vision, 21st Century Bunny is vigilant.
At all times.

Exhausted by endless self-generated fear, 21st Century Bunny has armed himself.

He’s become a danger now, to everyone and everything.
But all he’s ever wanted is to protect his vulnerable way of life.

21st Century Bunny (First Generation) 2006

21st Century Bunny is a character designed in response to living in an age of hyper-vigilance. Watched and watchful, having reached next-level paranoia, he’ll shoot at any sudden movement and any unfamiliar sound. Needless to say, he’s become a danger to others: an unwitting predator.


21st Century Bunny (Second Generation) 2007

Originally created as a reflection on the Post-9-11 Bush/Cheney era, the 21st Century Bunny fable continues  to serve perhaps as a broader allegory. It’s a cautionary tale, intended to highlight the pathological nature of violent behaviour, regardless of how it might be justified by perceived threats or sanctioned by institutions.

21st Century Bunny was originally conceived and developed in Skælskør, Denmark, with the generous support of the International Ceramic Research Center at Guldagergaard (where the first two Generations of porcelain 21cB figurines were produced during the Summers of 2006 and 2007). 

21st Century Bunny (Third Generation) 2008

In 2008, a Third Generation of 21st Century Bunny figurines were created at the Arabia Factory in Helsinki, Finland, thanks to the generous support of the Arabia Art Department Society.

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