Icarus Junior

Icarus Junior, a parable…

Icarus Junior was originally developed as a series of porcelain figures, drawing inspiration from contemporary “Designer Toy” subculture.  The character’s story is offered on the panels of the product’s Packaging Design, which functions as a form of non-linear comic strip:



Icarus Junior is a contemporary version of the mythical figure from Ancient Greece who flew too close to the Sun. Icarus Junior likes to think he has learned from his forefather’s tragic lack of judgment, but ultimately he is fated to repeat his mistakes.

Icarus Junior is outfitted with the newest of technologies, far exceeding the safety standards of his forefather’s generation. He is warm and secure, even as he soars to great heights, at blistering speed.

Icarus Junior needn’t worry about crashing. But the windswept landscape looks a little bleaker every day. He surveys a continuous sequence of plagues, floods and fires. Insulated and numbed, Icarus Junior witnesses the slow collapse of his world from his lofty vantage. He is unlikely to suffer the mechanical failures that doomed his father, but he is a victim of his ambitions nonetheless.

Icarus Junior was originally conceived and developed in Helsinki, Finland, in March 2008, during an artist residency at the Arabia Factory (with the generous support of the Arabia Art Department Society).

Baum Gallery, University of Central Arkansas