• Thumbnail Interdependency vs Human Intervention But nature can often be surprisingly resilient, often without the need for human interventions. For example, a documentary aired on the BBC (I unfortunately forget the name and date, but in the 1990s) described two national parks in Africa where elephant populations had grown quite large within those…[Read more]

  • Thumbnail Bees: crucial agricultural workers Bees are crucial for agriculture. (Images source: Wikipedia) Bees provide enormous benefits for humankind as another example. As reported by CNN (May 5, 2000), “One third of all our food—fruits and vegetables—would not exist without pollinators visiting flowers. But honeybees, the primary species that…[Read more]

  • Thumbnail Causes and Effects of Land Pollution Land pollution is a common and destructive phenomenon today. Read on to learn about its various causes and effects. Know about land pollution Pollution is a global problem. It has affected the lives of millions of people and caused several deaths and health problems. Land pollution is one of the types of [...]

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    ThumbnailPollution and Waste How do I affect pollution and waste? After more than a century of heavy industrialization and consumption, the planet’s inhabitants are feeling the impacts of over-crowded garbage dumps, contaminated sites , acid rain and polluted air and water. Along with industry, the everyday actions of individuals – such as driving, yard…[Read more]

  • Thumbnail Species at risk elsewhere While the documentary mentioned above focused on Cameroon, other places in Africa and around the world also show similar relationships between poverty, consumption, and environmental destruction.     The fourth most populous country, Indonesia, houses 10 percent of the earth’s remaining tropical forests. Not only are…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailClimate Change Affects Biodiversity  by Anup Shah !– google_ad_section_start –The link between climate change and biodiversity has long been established. Although throughout Earth’s history the climate has always changed with ecosystems and species coming and going, rapid climate change affects ecosystems and species ability to adapt and…[Read more]