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“Troubling Domestic Limits: Reading Border Fictions Alongside Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl.BC Studies 140 (Winter 2003/2004)

poems in the following anthologies and journals:

Reconstruction (participant in Pack Observing Art Basel: http://reconstruction.eserver.org/092/packobservation.shtml)

ricepaper (2008)

Art and Anti-colonialism. Ed. ryan andrew murphy. West Coast Line 55 (2008).

The Capilano Review 3.4 (2008) and 3.1-2 (2007)

Amerasia 33.2 (2007)

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Making a Difference: Canadian Multicultural Literature. Ed. Smaro Kamboureli. Toronto: Oxford UP, 2007

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filling Station 36 (2006)

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Companions and Horizons: an Anthology of SFU Poetry. Ed. Steve Collis. Burnaby, BC: West Coast Line, 2005.

sample reviews:

Imprints and Casualties (reviewed in Herizons)

Sweatshop Warriors (reviewed in Herizons)

Bellydancer (reviewed in Kinesis)