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Downstream: A Poetics of Water, a SSHRC-research-creation project

For people who want to think through water issues, below is a partial list of sites I’ve found helpful; this is being developed on the Downstream website. It starts with unceded Coast Salish lands and moves toward the global ocean:

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Paradoxes (Tao Te Ching, Chapter 78, Trans. Ursula Le Guin and JP Seaton)

Nothing in the world

is as soft, as weak, as water;

nothing else can wear away

the hard, the strong,

and remain unaltered.

Soft overcomes hard,

weak overcomes strong.

Everybody knows it,

nobody uses the knowledge.

So the wise say:

By bearing common defilements

you become a sacrificer at the altar of the earth;

by bearing common evils

you become a lord of the world.

Right words sound wrong.

This knowledge of water manifests beautifully in the Zapatista folktale, “The Story of the Sword,” found in the book Questions and Swords.