First Aid

first aid

What happens if I am injured or become ill at Emily Carr?

Security provide first aid services on campus. If you injure yourself on campus or feel ill, report to First Aid for treatment. First Aid can be summoned by calling Security at 604-844-3838, dialing 3838 if on an internal line, or using an emergency phone.

Remember to provide Security with your location on site, the nature of your injury and your name so they can provide an appropriate response and care. The First Aid room is not permanently staffed but is located on the 1st floor, room C1292.

What happens after I report an injury?

Security will complete an injury report form and forward the information to the Manager, Safety, Conduct and Emergency Management, who may initiate an incident investigation, depending on the nature of the incident.

If you’re an employee and you lose time from work due to the injury or see a physician regarding the injury, you MUST notify the Manager, Safety, Conduct and Emergency Management, as WorkSafeBC have to be notified.

Students injuries are reported to the Risk Management branch for the Ministry of advanced Education.