Theft on Campus


Not all thieves look this! Some look like you and I.

Theft on campus is common so be sure to consider the following:

  • never leave your valuables unattended anywhere on campus at ANY TIME.
  • be aware of your surroundings.
  • report suspicious behavior or activity to security immediately (604-844-3838, 3838 local or use an emergency phone located across the campus).
  • if you drive, do not leave valuables in view or in your vehicle.
  • do not allow or provide access to restricted areas on campus, people authorized to use an area should have their own card.
  • if you bike, use a good lock or multiple locks and the secure bike cages. A coil lock can be easily cut, so consider a good U-lock and secondary lock. More bike lock information: Bike lock notice
  • high theft areas include the Library and Cafeteria, keep your belongings in sight AT ALL TIMES, even a backpack slung across the back of a chair can be easily stolen.
  • if something of yours is stolen, please report it immediately to Security.