Air Quality

Much of our time is spent indoors, and in some environments, poor air quality is blamed for physical symptoms such as headaches, coughs, nausea, fatigue and eye irritation.  Symptoms can affect health, comfort and work performance.

Problems with indoor air quality are usually due to one of the following factors:

  • something being brought into the building, either by occupants or the ventilation system (e.g. perfumes, car fumes)
  • a problem that exists already internal to the building (e.g. mold from water leak or flood, chemical fumes)
  • other environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, high carbon dioxide levels

How do we control air quality?

  1. Preventative maintenance of the ventilation system & leaks
  2. Filter systems on the air intakes
  3. Control products that enter the building
  4. Fumes and dusts are controlled in shops with local exhaust extraction (limit where certain work is done)
  5. Control temperature, humidity and flow rates of the heating & cooling system