Emergency Preparedness

Our resilience as a University involves being as prepared as possible for any emergency or disaster that we are faced with.  In order to do so, our community have to know their roles and responsibilities when faced with an emergency.


Emily Alert is an alert system that will notify you of emergency situations.  Please keep your contact information current to be included when emergency texts, phone calls and emails are sent.

Click to download and review the existing Emergency Procedures Handbook.

The Handbook provides detailed information on what to do in certain emergencies, ranging from an earthquake through to someone on campus with intent to cause harm.  Stay tuned as a new Handbook is in progress, and will contain new information and procedures in the coming weeks.

The Manager for Safety, Conduct and Emergency Management is Gaynor Lloyd. Please direct your questions and comments to: glloyd@ecuad.ca.  I am happy to review this information in department meetings or any other forum.

Some components for being prepared for an emergency include:

  • having documented response plans
  • business continuity plans for the University as a whole and Departmentally
  • emergency responders
  • emergency operations center
  • training for community and drills (e.g. annual evacuation drill)
  • specifics training for responders
  • policy and procedures
  • back up plans
  • emergency supplies

University Plans include:

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Pandemic Plan
  • Threat Assessment