Fire Alarms

What to do in the event of an alarm?

If you hear an alarm bell, this means that the building has to be evacuated.  Calmly head to an exit.  Fire Wardens will direct you where to go, the University muster area is the carpark on the NORTH side of the building.

Do not return to the building until the all clear has been given by Facilities or Security.


  • alarms are not always activated because of fire, so do not wait until you see flames
  • always treat alarms as real
  • do not finish a phone call or something you’re working on, leave immediately
  • close doors behind you
  • if you are teaching a class, ensure all students leave try and evacuate as a group to the muster area
  • if you see anyone not leaving, notify a fire warden so they can notify the fire department upon arrival

What if I see a fire?

If you observe a fire, notify Security immediately. You can also pull an fire alarm pull station to alarm the bells and evacuate the building.

Do not try to put it out, unless you are 100% comfortable using a fire extinguisher.  If you do try to extinguish a fire, always make sure you’ve cleared the area and are exit side of a fire.  Do not get trapped between the fire and exit door.

Remember, YOUR safety is more important than property or equipment. Always keep this in mind in emergencies and err on the side of caution.