Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is any equipment or clothing you have to use or wear to protect you from the hazards of your job. It includes but is not limited to gloves, respirators, safety shields, glasses or goggles, hard hats, hearing protectors or high visibility vests.

Your supervisor is responsible for providing most PPE that you require to perform your job safely and to ensure that you are properly trained on how to use, care for and maintain your PPE.

You have a responsibility to use your PPE when & how you have been directed to. You are also required to inspect your equipment prior to using it and to report any problems immediately to your supervisor. If you’re not sure about the right PPE to wear for the job or how to use or care for it, ask your supervisor.

Note: PPE should not create additional hazardous situations. If you are concerned that your PPE is inappropriate or inadequate for the job, immediately report this to your supervisor.

PPE basics

  • Ensure it is appropriate for the job you are doing.
  • Ensure it fits properly. (For respirators, ensure you have been fit tested).
  • Always inspect your equipment before use to ensure it is proving adequate protection.
  • Report concerns or defects immediately to your supervisor
  • Keep it clean and well maintained and replace it when needed.
  • Don’t store it in contaminated areas, but in a clean area and wipe it down as needed.

Safety Eyewear is REQUIRED to be worn in all shops

Hearing Protection is RECOMMENDED to be worn in all shops

Respirators have some specific applications to protect against wood dust and some fumes and particulates

Gloves have some specific applications to protect against some chemicals