Ladder Safety

ladder safety

Falling from any height can potentially result in injury, so it is important when using ladders to remember the following tips:

  • always inspect the ladder before use to make sure rungs are not damaged, are secure to the ladder & there’s no dirt etc. on rungs
  • when opening a ladder, make sure it is locked in place to open, fully extended
  • always use a long enough ladder (the top 2 steps are not for standing on!), so you don’t have to overextend your reach
  • when climbing a ladder, always have 3 points of contact ton the ladder (2 hands & a foot or 2 feet & a hand)
  • always make sure the ladder is on a level and stable surface
  • always face the ladder, never face away from the ladder when on it
  • do not carry equipment while climbing ladder, have it handed to you or attach it a belt etc. when climbing