What’s wrong with this Photo?

Click on the following photo (from WorkSafeBC) to enlarge and try to find all the safety hazards associated with it:

How many hazards did you find?  Here are some of the main hazards:

  • a worker not wearing hearing protection
  • a worker not wearing eye protection
  • workers not wearing appropriate footwear (flip flops to mow the lawn!)
  • the ladder is not set up correctly in a stable position
  • worker not using the ladder correctly
  • a respirator is not being used and the person with it is not clean shaven
  • lots of tripping hazards
  • the traffic cones are not being used
  • workers don’t appear to have received training or education regarding hazards
  • poor ergonomic posture while cutting the tree
  • spilled chemical needs cleaning up
  • gas can is painted green, should be red to indicate gas