X-acto and utility knife safety

2012 resulted in over 20 injuries reported to First Aid from cuts, with most resulting from use of x-acto knives or similar utility knives.  2013 has begun in much the same way, with 3 x-acto knife cuts already reported to First Aid.

Exacto knives of all varieties and other cutting tools such as chisels are extremely useful to an artist, but they can cause cuts and punctures to hands and fingers, or even injure eyes if blades become brittle and break off while in use.

How do they injure?

  • Blunt blades, which require more force to cut
  • Blades opened too far
  • Cutting towards ones fingers, hand or body
  • Not retracting blades or covering with a cap
  • Protective equipment not used
  • Not working on a stable surface or using a cutting board

How to protect yourself?

  • Use safety gloves & protective eyewear when cutting
  • Use a cutting board or stable surface where possible
  • Always cut away from your body
  • Always store knives with protective cover in place or blade retracted
  • Never carry or transport an open blade
  • Only use a sharp blade
  • Always dispose of blades in sharps containers located in the workshops

This poster can be used as a reminder of the above tips: X-acto knife safety tips