Feedback Please? :)

Hey guys! hope everybody is doing well and has settled in to the very different world we now live in. If anybody is still checking this site regularly I’d love to get some feedback on my current artist statement:

“The concept of growth is understood as the maturation of an entity through the assimilation of a material to the parent source over time. The process of growth can manifest physically for both organic and nonliving entities, as well as in less quantifiable means such as spiritually and emotionally for humans.

Functioning within the language of minimalism, Lyrica creates paintings that implement the life of materials to explore these various understandings of growth. Materially she is interested in the precursory or raw state of matter, which is seen specifically in her choice of surface as she almost exclusively works with unprimed substrates.

These concepts manifest visually in the her pieces as diaphanous stained forms and ambiguous fields of lined pattern. Both are results of a process of making that is based on a heavy investment in time and a continuous improvisational relationship of intervention and response with the work.”

Let me know what you think and if theres anything I could potentially tighten up! thanks and be well 🙂

Creativity isolated

When the school closed, I ran away to the island to be with my family. It is nice here, really quiet, not many people. I have been trying to finish the projects that are still due so I can allow myself to be creative on my own terms. But I have started some fun projects, its nice to make things that will never be critiqued.

My sister pruned an apple tree, and I used the trimmings to weave a trellises for sweat peas to grow up.

I have been writing little poems everyday, just to write down how I am feeling and what I am thinking about. It has turned into a isolation journal, everything is changing so fast, its nice to keep track of how I am feeling. On the pages of these poems I have been rubbing fallen flowers to make little flower-pigment drawings.

I found a pile of junk and found some things to stack and make a bird bath out of. I am planning to cover it all in concrete and make a mosaic out of sea glass I have found.

I started a rock collection

I am feeling extremely lucky to be in such a beautiful place right now. I am thinking about all of you, I hope everyone is doing okay. I really love everyone in this class, and I would love to keep in touch, for a long while after.

Group Meeting 3

Our 3rd group meeting was at the beginning stages of our final ideas. I knew I wanted to do a similar type of weaving as the last crit, this time adding new materials, like copper and aircraft cable, and color pallet. I knew I wanted to so something very similar to Frayed for my grad project (RIP), so for the final project I was planning on pushing display ideas. My group and I talked about possibilities of how I could change up the project enough to get a valuable, non-repetitive critique.

I showed my group a drawing I had made of a trapeze style hanging mechanism that would hang from the ceiling. I and my group were excited about that idea. Playing with horizontal and vertical to the extreme, but staying away from the wall.

I made a new drawing because I couldn’t find the old one.

Week 8 and 9

I have left it too long and I no longer remember what order I did things in for these two weeks, so I am going to combine them in this one post.

I warped up my loom, this is the longest warp I have never done, about 20 feet. So, this process took me a very long time. I used an upside-down table for a warp board.

I research weaving twill patterns, and weaving techniques use throughout history and around different cultures. One of the reasons I love weaving is that there are so many similarities throughout the many years of weaving, and across the world. Yet there are so many important subtle differences that point to a specific use, culture, time, or problem.

I used many different twill patterns for this weaving. I was trying to weave intuitively, adding in different materials without a plan. However, throughout the process I realized I was still setting rules for myself. Once I noticed the constraints, I was putting on myself, I changed up the pattern. Then I noticed I was forcing my intuitiveness and putting even more rules on myself. It was a fun battle with the different sides of myself.

I was able to take the weaving off the loom, just in time before we had to leave the studio. I want to cut and fray a lot of the side pieces, rather than have the just the loops.

For this project, I wanted to write my artist statement throughout my process, rather than at the end. So I started writing down my thoughts as they came to me as I was in my process, in a kid of poem format.

March 12 2020

Following rules imposed by me.

One by one. Each line.

My hands are dry from washing and weaving.

My loom got stuck, scissors are not a good tool to fix that. I cut my middle finger.

That makes sense. Fuck today. Please don’t close the school.

My hands are dry

My hands are dry

My hands are dry.

Too dry. Moisturize! ok.

Dry again!

The cotton is rubbing harshly on the back of my dry hands. Advance the loom



My hands are too dry. They are red and I have to stop.

March 15th 2020

Its hard to weave with cracking hands.

Its hard to weave while you plan your rebellion beside me.

Its hard to weave because I am stoned.

Its hard to weave while the world crumbles.



I finished this weaving. Unfortunately, I had to give the loom back to Jen, before I could do more, I was planning on doing at least 3. But I really enjoyed writing these little poems. So, I have been writing them everyday. I had no idea it was turn into a pandemic journal, but I like that I have evidence of how I was genuinely feeling everyday.

I also got the write about all the amazing exhibitions that were on display in the exhibition commons. My little reviews were published in the Lantern publication. So if anyone who was in those shows, want to bulk up your CV, with a “published in” category!

Week 7&8

   <Work Process>

      Week 7- This is the process of waiting until all the paint is dry and then varnished with a matt medium.

<In the Second Critique>

     Draw in a Breath, 2020

Fly with a Melody, 2020

Close shot

Full shot

<In the second Critique>

Thanks for all the good suggestions and recommendations 🙂

I was inspired a lot by new ideas by given in a critique. Therefore I plan to reflect those in future works.




Week 9- School closing

I ended up being able to come up with something in time to use the DOC one last time for our final project. I have been working on a series that includes family documents and also images from this book “The History of a Settlement Pemberton” that my grandma gave my mom and now that I have been using for part of my research of the settlement of Pemberton  which is my communities ancestral territory. It includes maps that settlers created that mapped out the beginning of the development of permanent settlements on our unceded territories.

I am experimenting with layering maps and archival images but then beading on top once printed.

Week ending on March 25th

Okay, I promise I am not going crazy but I have started a little experiment on myself that I have been wanting to try for the past few months. To give some context, I reached a tipping point about a year ago when my mental health was really bad and I was exhausted and over-worked, and have been trying hard since then to reevaluate the way I function as a person, what my needs are, and where rest fits into it all. I started thinking about rest, and I wondered what could “radical rest” be? Now seems like the perfect time to try this because I am not limited by working hours and such, just a few meetings and stuff sprinkled in. A lot of my anxiety comes from my relationship to time, so for the past week now, I have been doing my best to cut time out of my day-to-day. I have covered up all the clocks in the house and tapped off my phone and laptop. I’m trying to shift from doing into being, and it really has made me feel more present. There have been times I have cheated, and times where it hasn’t worked, giving me more anxiety, but in general it is easier to listen to my body and be in the moment, rather than trying to be as productive as possible. 


I wrote “MAKE” on a piece of paper and taped it to the wall. I have been following that instruction. I started making some paintings referencing my sculptures, some digital things, and I have been making food, and music. It’s wild that we are living history right now. I haven’t been able to completely continue what I was doing before, and I am thankful for that because so much has changed. 

The Week the School Shut: March 18

This week everything became real. I started watching the news and the virus became reality. I took home what I could from school, and said goodbye to my sculptures. I was feeling very uninspired this week, but mildly excited to be isolated; I was reaching that point in the term of tiredness, and I think as soon as the school closed I closed-down too. All my upcoming work was cancelled, same for my husband, so we were kind of panicking for a bit there, but felt very supported by our families, and we are taking it day by day. I spent the week finding a routine for myself, and I really dove into some writing assignments in other classes. They felt less blurry and easier to focus on.

Week ?? – Lyrica Waskalik

(my apologies I’ve lost track of what week I accomplished what) Time in general feels quite surreal recently as so many things outside of our control are changing almost daily and this dense air of uncertainty leaves me finding it very difficult to focus. I’m also trying to cope with the sense of loss that I feel about this recent turmoil particularly as it has impacted the last month of school and grad celebrations. It seems selfish to be so hung up on these formalities while there is so many more significant issues to be worrying about in the grand scheme of things but we feel what we feel and in time it’ll pass. Overall its just a very strange tone on which to end this chapter of life.

As far as production for this class is concerned I had intended to work further with my salt paintings to both refine the technique and increase the scale. However now having to work from home and having also lost my job this is just no longer feasible.

I have been thinking more about the organic forms present in my gridded work from last critique. I had already been thinking of these beings as microorganisms and have mentally been referring to them as invaders so I may continue building on this mythology as it is so incredibly topical right now. I also did some small studies with gesso and acrylic ink on scrap wood to see if I could achieve a similar staining effect as I was working with on the linen which does appear to be somewhat possible but it has a much more synthetic feel.

I’m considering creating a diptych implementing both of these techniques side by side to play off the control of the rendered form vs the chaos element of the staining previously discussed in my work as well as the visual similarity to bacterial growth in a petri dish. It’s not where I wanted to go for this critique but it’s something.

I also had a fleeting idea about using bleach as paint on wood or fabric to lift colour and allude to notions of sanitization and disinfectant, however I don’t think the ventilation in my tiny apartment is adequate to be experimenting with a chemical so toxic so I think I’ll put a pin in that idea until its a more well developed plan and I can find somewhere safe to do it.

I hope everybody is well both physically and mentally and I hope to be able to experience everybody’s work in real life again once the community bounces back from this. <3

Week 10

After everything settled down regarding the virus with both school and work I was finally able to get back to my project. I’ve been sewing in little sprints throughout the last few days picking away at sewing/thinking through the piece. I’ve figured out how to use a free quilting foot on the machine but sewing this way is really killer on my back. I’ve made the goal of getting at least three ‘thoughts’ or lines/sections of text done every day (about 1.5 – 2 hours of work) to get through the piece in time for critique while also not completely killing my back. I’m liking how its looking the more I add to it, I think it’ll look really interesting fully covered. The text is a bit tricky to read in certain places even in person (which I’m ok with) but for the sake of this class being online now it’ll be difficult for me to be able to properly ‘present’ it and have it be understood without the necessary hanging or lighting. I may have to write out the phrases im sewing for the sake of the final critique with Emily and Gina so they can better understand what’s going on – that being said the point isn’t necessarily to be able to read everything so I’m still thinking through what I want to do that way.  I’ll attach some photos of closeups as from afar (without spotlighting or a half decent camera) the sewing is basically unrecognizable.