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On January 16th, prior to its first event, the Vegan Congress was featured in an article in the Vancouver Straight, written by Stephen Hui. The article includes interviews with both founders of the organization, Julie Andreyev and Trudy Chalmers, who discuss the reason behind the group, why they believe veganism is “helping the world, helping others, helping yourself,” and how such a dietary practice is a viable solution to global warming. Here is a short excerpt from the article to give you a taste of its content:

According to Andreyev, one of the Vegan Congress’s objectives is to “demystify” veganism, which is the practice of abstaining from consuming and using products derived from or tested on animals.

“Students are receptive to looking at alternative thought, alternative ideas, alternative outlooks on the world, and so I think the educational community is a really good place to start for presenting different means of being in the world,” Andreyev said.

If you care to read the full article, it may be found on the Vancouver Straight website. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the Vancouver Straight for featuring the group on its website, and hopefully it shall help promote the Vegan Congress mission so that it may grow and thrive within the community.

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