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On Wednesday the 15th of October, the Vegan Congress welcomed four special guests to the Wild Co-Existence event, addressing the importance of our impact upon wild animals, with a focus on local urban wildlife, and how we can modify our behavior to better protect and co-exist with these creatures. Our guests, Dr Sara Dubois, Dave Shishkoff, Dan Straker, and Marcy Potter, all work towards this goal, and took the time on Wednesday to discuss the various organizations and initiatives currently in place in Vancouver, British Columbia, and even across Canada to better care for these wild animals, such as beavers, coyotes, raccoons, and deer.

IMG_2514For example, Dave Shishkoff brought up the UVic Bunnies initiative and the incident with deers in Oak Bay, discussing the solutions to these events, and how both situations could have been better handled earlier on with more research and education. Issues in regards to feeding were also mentioned numerous times in relation to the Co-Existing with Coyotes program and the BC SPCA, addressing the problems such an, often seemingly innocent, act can cause for animals and humans. Marcy Potter even discussed hands on projects put in place by The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals to solve issues brought about by beaver dams, without resorting to harmful solutions (such as hunting or relocation).

The general consensus seemed to be this: we must be more conscious of the impact of our acts on wildlife and adjust accordingly. Luckily, there are already many organizations in place to facilitate such coexistence. However, what is paramount to the success of such initiatives is further education and awareness about all these services and resources available. So, in the spirit of the event, if you are interested in learning more about these guests and any of the organizations or initiatives for which they work, please view the links listed below.

We’d like to thank all of our guests for the enlightening talks, as well as all who attended the event and made it such a success. Keep an eye out on this website, or our official Twitter and Facebook, for news of the next Vegan Congress event happening in November.

Further Information:
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