Cruelty Free Alternatives


The latest Vegan Congress event featuring founders Maria Lantin and Trudy Chalmers took place this past wednesday to great success. The two presented various cruelty free alternatives to raw and cooked dishes, such as milk, cookies, gelatin, gravy, whipped cream, and more. Of course, all of these included delicious free samples, proving that being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t indulge.

Maria-MilkTheir presentations also included step by step guides to creating all of these dishes, as well as suggestions for certified vegan ingredients. If you happened to miss the event, do not fret, as recipes for all shall be posted on the site, as well a video from the event, so that you may recreate the dishes if desired.

I’d like to thank Maria and Trudy for the captivating talks and the scrumptious treats provided, as well as all those who attended for their active participation and for making this event another success for the Vegan Congress. If you’re interested in attending any future event, be sure to keep a look out on the site, or check out the Vegan Congress Twitter and Facebook for up to date news on the group’s activity.

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