Winds of Change Interview

On January 30th, two of the founders of Vegan Congress, Julie Andreyev and Trudy Chalmers, were invited to join Janine Bandcroft on the CFUV UVIC radio show Winds of Change. The pair began by discussing the reasoning behind the creation of the group, as well as the benefits of turning to veganism, citing ethical, nutritional, as well as ecological incentives. For example, Julie mentioned how, despite the fact that North America alone produces enough food to feed the entire world five times, most of current agriculture is used to feed livestock, while a large portion of the human population is suffering from lack of food and proper nutrition. Such practices, they argue, are non-sustainable, not to mention unethical due to the poor treatment of the animals bred to feed humans, whether through meat or other animal by-products.

They also discussed the fabulous success of their first event back on January 22nd with Chef Preet Marwaha, and their personal artistic practices, and how these related to veganism and the Vegan Congress initiative. The interview includes great incites into the group’s goals, and vegan practice in general, and thus is a highly recommended listen, for vegans and non-vegans alike.

You may find the full podcast of the show here.

Lastly, the interview featured the first mention of the next Vegan Congress event: a vegan chocolate tasting on February 26th. More information on that event shall be posted within the coming weeks.

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