Examples of Artists’ Statements

The Diane Farris Gallery provides numerous examples of descriptive, didactic and personal statements written by and about the artists who are exhibiting (or have exhibited) their work at this local gallery. Sam Lam provides a good example, and there are plenty more.

The Bau-Xi Gallery provides brief third-person objective statements that accompany the works of artists such as Lisa Burke, Jack Shadbolt, Bobbie Burgers, Karen Yurkovich, Margaretha Bootsma, Stuart Slind, Ken Wallace & Tom Burrows (to name only a few).

Artspeak, a local, artist run gallery, has a web site with good examples of press releases about individual artists (though please note that these press releases are not actually written by the artists themselves).

The Agnes Bugera Gallery in Edmonton provides examples of artist’s statements, bios, cv’s and images. Some of the links are better than others — but worth perusing.

TROUT: UVIC’s 1996 Graduating Exhibition: This site provides over a dozen images accompanied by artists’ statements. Some are written by the artists themselves, others are quotes from writers, theorists, and other visual artists.

Richmond Art Gallery provides artists’ statements that are often accompanied by images of the work.

China: Fifty Years Inside the People’s Republic: Click on this site and you will get more than 125 photographs, over twenty artists’ statements, an essay, and a chronology of Chinese history. The artists’ statements vary in length from three lines to two pages. Some are very academic in nature; some are written in the form of a didactic panel; others are poetry.
In order to access the artists’ statements, you must click on the photo on the main page and then click on the artists’ individual names. These include: Antonin Kratochvil ( rather formal and didactic), Eve Arnold (a good example of a longer, more personal artist statement and a poem), Lois Conner (longer, more personal) Hiroji Kubota, Xiao-Ming Li, Zhang Hai-er, and Wang Jinsong, Xu Jinyan, Reagan Louie, Mark Leong, Richard Yee, Wu Jialin, SebastiĆ£o Salgado, Eve Arnold, David Butow, Macduff Everton, Stuart Franklin, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Liu Heung Shing, Brian Palmer, Wu Jialin, Xu Jinyan. If nothing else, the images are amazing and they are ever changing!

Artes Magnus Gallery Is a good place to look if you would like to see examples of short descriptive statements.

TAETZSCH and Thomas Paquette provide examples of longer, more personal statements.