Ellen van der Hoeven








Ellen is the ESL specialist in the writing centre, with fifteen years of classroom teaching in settlement English. She is known as a kind and empathetic teacher, but more importantly, she has lots of ideas that you can use to improve your written communication and overcome barriers that may be holding you back. Ellen knows that writing can be a big challenge, but believes that everyone can become a good writer with a little help and a willingness to learn – language is an exciting tool, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Ellen is a teacher, a singer, a songwriter and an enthusiastic reader. She loves the English language and loves to help people use it more effectively to communicate their own ideas, experiences and realities. With a strong background in teaching English as a second (or additional) language, she can pinpoint issues in your written expression that you can work on to make your writing clear, interesting and effective. In fifteen years of classroom teaching, Ellen was known as a kind, empathetic and compassionate instructor. This is her second year of tutoring in the Writing Centre, and she is enjoying the opportunity to help students overcome barriers and become better writers. When she is not in the Writing centre, she can be found performing her original songs, folk songs and blues in coffee houses and folk clubs in Vancouver and beyond. Some of her favourite authors are Ursula Leguin, Barbara Kingsolver, Michael Ondaatje and (guilty pleasure) Anthony Trollope.