Faolan Cole









Faolan is a long-term part-time student at Emily Carr, studying Art+Text with a focus on writing. In her own practice she writes both poetry and short fiction, and has been a part of workshopping groups for the past 18 years, where she loves giving as well as receiving feedback.

Faolan is a born West-Coaster, hailing from Vancouver Island; she lived briefly in England after high school, and has been a resident of Vancouver since 2010. Her books are among her most treasured possessions, and she loves being ensconced in her at-home library (particularly when it’s raining outside, when she can complete the experience with cozy socks and a pot of tea). She loves mythology (particularly Celtic) and fairy tales (on which she wrote a dissertation last year), being surrounded by candles, filling endless notebooks with colourful pens, and her three very chubby guinea pigs.

Faolan genuinely loves working at the Writing Centre, and has been lucky enough to be a part of that family since 2014. Outside of school and WC hours, she works as a freelance editor, editing both academic and creative writing. In both this and her work at the Writing Centre, she deeply values the writer’s experience of the process. She is constantly amazed at the power of language and the joy of word crafting. Faolan graduates this December, and is excited to take that next step in life.

Q: What kind of books do you read?
A: Quite a range! Literary fiction or lit-fic crosses are perhaps my favourite genres, because of how deeply character-based they can be and the risks some writers take with their use of language. I love short fiction and poetry, and perusing lit mags. I have a soft spot for old-fashioned children’s literature, particularly fantasy, and collections of myths and fairy tales. I also love reading books about writing, editing, and the creative process.